Dr. Yun Qi | 戚昀

BIOS2021 fly image2

Drosophila melanogaster, aka fruitfly, is a well-established model organism, contributing substantially to our understanding of basic biology, including genetics and developmental biology. Its intrinsic genetics and the available powerful genetic tools make flies easy to manipulate and genetically amenable and tractable. Due to evolutionary conservation, 70% of human disease genes have their Drosophila homologs. Although as an invertebrate and having limitations, Drosophila is an alternative but compelling model to address core and fundamental biological questions and to promote translational researches.

Through the fly module for BIOS, you will familiar with the basic fly genetics, the fly pushing and the way a flyman looks and think. You will perform experiments under our instructions and will have flexibility to design your own experiments if applicable according to your critical thinking, proactivity in discussion, and your available time schedule. Whatever model systems you will use in your future research, the training in fly genetics definitely will help to shape your ideas, verify your hypothesis, especially in a genetic way and for a deeper mechanism insight.